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Playlist "SHA2017: Still Hacking Anyway"

The World in 24 Hours Revisited

Josephine Bosma

In this talk we look at The World in 24 Hours, an early computer network art performance from 1982, which took place between 13 different cities around the world in the messaging system of the computer time-sharing, consulting and services firm IP Sharp. Canadian artist and initiator Robert Adrian wanted to explore the way culture can live in computer networks. The recent interest in saving and restoring digital heritage has created the opportunity to re-evaluate this work and to look for ways to re-enact or interpret it in the present day network landscape. A description of the work is presented, along with information about the technical circumstances and the artistic intent behind the work. The audience is invited to join a discussion about what would be the best way to re-enact this event in today's post-Snowden era as close to the original optimistic spirit of the work as possible.

#Making #Society