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Playlist "SHA2017: Still Hacking Anyway"

The state of the pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) project and what to expect next


The pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) project has the primary goal to make encryption accessible to the masses. By experience, the initiators know from CryptoPartys that regular users -- even after getting everything explained (e.g., basics of public key cryptography) -- continue to be unable to communicate in private on a regular basis in practice. That's where p≡p jumps in: instead of just providing good privacy, privacy must also be easy to achieve. p≡p automates all steps necessary to engage in end-to-end encryption without hassling the users involved or asking questions. The p≡p project started to provide easy to use OpenPGP-compatible encryption for as many platforms as possible, with the ultimate goal to transfer all written digital communications to the GNUnet, thus not just protecting contents, but also metadata. In this talk, the basic ideas and technologic foundations of p≡p are presented. Furtherly, it's shown in which cases p≡p is already operational and what's to be expected next.

#NetworkSecurity #DeviceSecurity #Privacy