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FrOSCon 2009

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MySQL Multi-Master Replication Failover - A step-by-step explanation

Walter Heck

This talk will show you how to setup a cluster of MySQL servers that use the MMM software to create the ability to have Master-Master Active-Passive failover. An explanation of the software involved and the structure needed, as well as an in-dept overview of what is needed will be given.

Overview of topics handled in the presentation:

- What is MMM (and what is it not)?

- The architecture that will be setup
-6 servers: 1 web, 1 monitoring, 2 databas masters, 2 database slaves
- Overview of what is needed for this setup
-network security: ports and interfaces
-software: MMM, OurDelta MySQL build
-OS: Linux
- OS configuration
- MySQL Replication setup
- Install MMM
- Configure MMM
- custom checker threads
- angel daemons
- general operation of MMM
- monitoring
- pitfalls

- Conclusion
- Questions