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FrOSCon 2009

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Using Qt Creator For Desktop And Embedded Development

Daniel Molkentin

This talk will present the new Qt Creator IDE which allows for creating C++ Qt projects and which available as an easy-to-install SDK. It will not only show why C++ development is fun again with Qt Creator, but also how you can get involved into the Qt and Qt Creator development community. Beyond C++, we will take a look at the new Declarative UI approach which makes creating beautiful interfaces simple. Since the acquisition by Nokia in 2008, Qt Software, the company formally known as Trolltech, has made amazing steps: From releasing the cross platform C++ IDE Qt Creator and shipping it in an easy-to-use SDK, over porting Qt to S60/Symbian. And finally, the entire Qt source base and Qt Creator was released under the LGPL. This talk will concentrate on developing Qt with the Qt Creator IDE, showing development for Linux and Embedded devices. The talk will also detail on experiences with the newly introduced contribution model, which aims to ease third party contributions to Qt and to enable better collaboration between Qt Software with the Open Source community through Git and and show what it takes to get involved. Another highlight will be the support for the new Declarative UI, which which makes it easy to build animated interfaces with Qt by using bindings between Qt code and JavaScript using the Qt Modeling Language (QML).