Toll of personal privacy in 2018

Kirils Solovjovs

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We are well into 21st century and the all-digital promise land is just around the corner. What will happen to those of us who choose to retain our privacy by not joining the digital revolution? And most importantly how do we shape the revolution in a way that we can both reap the benefits brought to us by new technologies, while still keeping our private lives undisturbed?

This talk is both scary and hilarious.

It's about author's personal privacy choices that they made in the past and how those affected their life financially, socially and otherwise. Author also covers some more extreme choices they opted not to make and discusses what generally motivates one to care about their privacy. You'll learn about the dawn of loyalty cards, biometric passports, banking services, CCTV and more... We'll try to find out how to work for a better future and what can we all do to make life with privacy more bearable.