Cloudcalypse: It looks like you've reached the end. How to take your data into net2o

Bernd Paysan

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The GPDR allows to take out your data **out** of the collapsing cloud (Google+ sunset: August 2019, Facebook jumping from data breach to breach, github now part of Microsoft), but the challenge is to take it **into** something else. This talk will show how to move it into net2o, a peer to peer system. #ybti #wefixthenet

# Talk structure #

1. Motivation: The Internet is broken, it needs to be fixed.
+ Special highlight: Data in the cloud — up at whim to whoever owns that cloud
+ Nonfree software as a service means your data is useless without the service
+ Why free software means you have to operate it yourself
2. What is net2o:
+ peer to peer protocol stack
+ last years' talk: application layer framework.
+ this year: Let's talk about actual applications.
3. The technical challenge
+ how does data takeouts look like (Examples: Google+, Twitter, Facebook,
+ What kind of data does net2o want?
+ Convert the data
+ Done
4. The non-technical challenge
+ Get your contacts to net2o, too.