All Creatures Welcome

a utopian documentary about the digital age

Sandra Trostel and Thies Mynther

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"All Creatures Welcome sketches a utopian image of society in the digital era. Accompanied by the appeal to “use hacking as a mindset,” the viewers immerse themselves, together with the filmmaker, in a documentary adventure game and explore the world of digital communities at the events held by the Chaos Computer Club; a real-world reflection of the virtual spectrum." – after the rough cut screening at the 34c3 we will show now the final version.
Join us and be part of the moment when we put the movie online and make it freely available under a creative commons license at the beginning of the screening!

Together with the filmmaker and the slogan"use hacking as a mindset" we immerse in a documentary adventure game and explore the world of Komputerfrieks, as they used to call themselves at the inaugural meeting of the Chaos Computer Club in 1981. We come upon an open, free-spirited society. The events of the CCC are a kind of utopian real-world reflection of the virtual spectrum. We encounter angels, activists, robots, coders and makers. We learn what a hack is, why lockpicking can be important, how a cellular system works. We dive into the game and become part of the community that is as inclusive as it is sophisticated. Still outside of this collective the challenges are immense in an era, in which political certainties and institutions increasingly erode. Models of governance, economics, social order, technology and science are being put into question 24/7. With the internet’s rules of conduct, national laws are being repealed and transformed into global structures. While the worldwide web would structurally actually allow a radical renewal of democracy, changing it from representation to participation, more and more states are drifting towards authoritarian societies in political reality. In the course of that process, en passant the largest surveillance machinery of human history has been created.
We see how the hacker culture meets these challenges and what inner contradictions it encounters. We learn that our lives are not determined by general, given truths but actually through the way we work, develop ourselves, suffer or dream. The events of the CCC become a possible blueprint of social upheaval. Self-organization, freedom of expression and critical discussion merge in a colorful, polyphonic chorus apart from social norms and capitalist constraints: "Be excellent to each other!“


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