Citzens or subjects? The battle to control our bodies, speech and communications

A call to action to defend our ePrivacy and eliminate upload filters

Diego Naranjo (EDRi) and Andreea Belu (EDRi)

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Technology is the solution: What is the problem? This seems to be the motto. Algorithms may be about to control our free speech while tracking technologies could control our bodies and communications. Will we react or stay quiet?

Technology is the solution: What is the problem? This seems to be the motto. Whether it is about preventing the dissemination of terrorist content or to prevent copyright infringements the solution from the legislator is upload filters.

While content is controlled by algorithms, devices need to be under scrutiny. That is why confidentiality of communications needs to be secured now too.

We have little time to stop these threats from becoming a reality, but we have most citizens on our side and the EU elections near. We still can and have to win this battle. Otherwise, once filters are put for copyright or terrorist content, they will be used for anything else. And if software and hardware does not defend our privacy by design and by default, 24/7 surveillance will be the new "normal".


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