Feminist Perspectives

Inclusive and Diverse Spaces and Communities

Geraldine de Bastion, Em O'Sullivan, Lena Mohr, Hong Phuc Dang, Le RESET and feminist hackerspace

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A variety of initiatives aims at encouraging female engagement in the hacker and maker scene. We present there some promising approaches and key learnings in a joint panel discussion.

Hong Phuc grew up in a small town in the Mekong Delta, south of Vietnam, She could never imagine how her life went a completely different path than what she was told as a young girl.

Le RESET is a French feminist hackerspace created in 2016 by a small group of queer & feminist hackers and hacktivists. The goal was to create a space at the intersection of communities that often remain apart.

Em O'Sullivan is a former hackerspace and Maker Faire organiser. Currently, they are a PhD student researching ways to improve women and non-binary people's engagement with technology via makerspaces.

Ready to Code is a young project from Stuttgart that teaches girls and women how to code and stand up for themselves.


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