Ceph, ELK & opensuse

This talk will be held by Denys Kondratenko and Abhishek Lekshmanan to talk about Ceph and ELK (Elastic Stack) integration and current status on openSUSE (Leap and Tumbleweed).

Denis Kondratenko and Abhishek Lekshmanan

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Ceph is a distributed storage platform that is contender to become the future of software defined storage, providing unified access to block, object and file interfaces. However like any complex systems there are various subsystems that may fail and analyzing logs is generally the first line of action. This is where the ELK stack comes in, to search, analyze and process logs and metadata.

We will cover topics such as:
* Current status of ELK and Ceph on openSUSE (Leap and Tumbleweed)
* Metadata export to Elasticsearch - RGW Metadata Search
* Ceph logs and cluster log parsing with Logstash
* Future of the ELK for Analyzing and Alerting for Ceph
* Current status of Ceph ELK integration for openSUSE