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Playlist "WikidataCon 2019"

Lightning talks #1

During this lightning talks session, you will hear a brief presentation of several projects. Each talk lasts 10min, including questions.

Rated reviews of pre-XX-c women's writing
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight
"Women Writers in Review" is an initiative of the Digital Scholarship Group at Northeastern University (Boston) where I serve as Visiting Scholar. The initiative encompasses pre-20th-century English language women writers, their works, reviews of their works, and scoring of the reviews (P444) by academics. The initiative supports research into the transatlantic reception and readership of early texts by women ("cultures of reception"). Using structured data to model the work enables analysis, identification, and depiction of gender bias over a particular time period (pre-XX-c) and language (English). In consultation with others, I've developed a Wikidata model to depict this research. The session will include a visualization of the data, an early analysis, my approach to developing the model, and discussion as to how this model might be used by other academic institutions to contribute their unique data sets to Wikidata. While this presentation focuses on Wikidata, it also relates to WikiCite. Presentation #1 of this topic (an introduction to an idea) occurred at LD4 conference (Boston, May 2019). Presentation #2 occurred at Wikimania (Stockholm, August 2019); it was a discussion regarding the pending data upload and the successful property proposal process. This is Presentation #3.

Timelines on a Cosmic Scale (Histropedia)
Navino Evans
A brief demo to show off an exciting new feature in our Wikidata Query Viewer tool that allows us to visualize cosmic timescales (billions of years) on the timelines the tool auto generates from Wikidata sparl queries.

Wikibase for BnF's cataloguing software
Thibaud Senelada
We will present the results of a POC we did about Wikibase as a cataloguing tool.

Finn Årup Nielsen
Ordia is a Wikidata front-end running on the Wikimedia Toolforge It displays information about the lexemes of Wikidata, including their forms and senses. Ordia makes use of the Wikidata Query Service and can thus aggregate information from various different Wikidata pages. For instance, the language aspect shows statistics for the number of lexemes, forms and senses with respect to languages. Ordia also shows overviews over lexical categories, grammatical features, properties and the use of references. If a user input a text into a specific input field, Ordia can extract the individual words and query for the individual words. This talk will demonstrate the various uses of Ordia and briefly discuss the status of Wikidata lexemes.

Books/data vs. Wikisource/Wikidata

Wikisources make an extensive use of Wikidata. This lightning talk will present an overview of the relationship between Wikisources and Wikidata: which data are used, what tools can help, and what are the problems still to overcome.