Birthday celebration & presents demo

Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)

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As every year since 2012, we're celebrating Wikidata's anniversary. People usually bring presents to the community, that can be tools, new websites or piece of software, but also various projects, drawings... This is always a great moment, full of appreciation for the community and great to discover more about the Wikidata-related tools that people use!
During this demo session, the WikidataCon participants who want to present their gift will have 2min to get on stage and show their work to others.

If you want to present a birthday present, please read carefully what follows!

The demos will be very short, 2min per present, in order to allow everyone to participate
To save time, we will show everything from the same computer. No local command line prompt, sorry. For a smooth demo, you can consider making a video out of your screen.
For the same reason, your present must be listed on this page with a link to access the demo. Of course, for the sake of the surprise, you can add it last minute, but please make sure that there is a link to click on before you go on stage!
Last but not least: although the birthday presents contain a lot of tools, new features, and other programmed sweets, you are very welcome to present something of another nature: a drawing, an object, a song... anything that celebrates Wikidata and its community :)