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Playlist "All the world’s GLAM institutions – and how we tried to find them"

All the world’s GLAM institutions – and how we tried to find them

Alicia Fagerving

FindingGLAMs is a project by Wikimedia Sverige in collaboration with UNESCO and the Wikimedia Foundation, with the goal of collecting data on the world’s GLAM institutions and sharing it on Wikidata – a work that is sorely needed in many regions where such registers are out of date, incomplete or inexistent. At the time of WikidataCon we’ll be nearing the final stage of the project, which will give us a fitting opportunity to evaluate our work and share our experiences.
We will describe how we went about collecting data from different countries, engaging the international community to help find and share datasets from their regions. In order to fill in the gaps in existing datasets, we crowdsourced additional data from GLAM professionals, using beginner-friendly tools to get more beginners to contribute. We will also highlight how we used Wikimania as a unique opportunity to gather GLAM experts from all around the world to come closer to our goal.