This is why you can’t make nice stuff

… or the joy of disposing of 5 tons of refrigerators

tim and Matthias Krauß

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We’re currently in the process of creating a piece of open hardware aimed both at consumers and hackers. We’ll keep the technical part short. Instead we want to focus our talk on the difficulties that small endeavours face producing physical (and especially electronic) things. Challenges ranging from the bureaucratic runaround starting a company, toilets and insurance, to figuring out which one of several 10.000 TARIC tarif codes covers electronic components, RoHS, CE, WEEE ...
These rules and regulations were implemented to address legitimate safety and environmental concerns, but unfortunately in ways that their requirements can only be reasonably met by large corporations. We will talk about good intentions of regulations, abstruse consequences for people like us and will present some solutions we’ve found to deal with them.