Captain Crunch History

John T. Draper

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I will like to talk about my early contact with Steve, and my very first Apple II and how I hacked it to "piggyback" more 1k RAMs to get 12k of RAM, and the phone interface board from what I remember of it, and also my return from jail, and how I ported FORTH onto the Apple II, and how I was able to interface FORTH with 6502 assembly language using the mini-assembler, sorting all those "Forward" address calculations, and the beginnings of Easywriter development for Apple II and at that time, Andy Hertzfield was a UC Berkeley student, and he had weekly tech gatherings at the Lawrance Hall of Science in Berkeley, and even though I was serving jail time (work furlough) how I was alllowed to attend these meetings and the 4th West Coast Computer Faire.