Theory of Democratic Modernity as a Guide for Building a New Internationalism

St-Imier 2023 and Workshops

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While the discussions on the crisis continue both within the forces of capitalist modernity, and in the opposition to the system, it is becoming increasingly urgent for the anti-system forces to establish an alternative. Abdullah Öcalan presents a comprehensive answer to the specific question “What alternative system?” in his 5-volume opus magnum Manifesto for a Democratic Civilisation. In particular, in the third volume The Sociology of Freedom, he discusses both in theoretical terms the principles of a democratic socialism for the 21st century, and on a practical level the tasks for the construction of democratic modernity. Starting from the understanding that “it is difficult to develop a meaningful opposition to the system without both projects for the future and a correct analysis of the past” he develops his theory and also takes up the challenge of deriving from it concrete principles for the political practice of anti-system forces. Öcalan argues that the main reason for this lack of awakening within the anti-system forces is because they have not yet completed the necessary paradigmatic revolution. And consequently, have not yet developed sufficient strength in the form of analysis, organisation and action. In our lecture we will present the alternative system of democratic modernity and its significance as a new school of social science and with “World Democratic Confederalism” the proposal for a new internationalism will be illustrated.Presentation by Academy of Democratic Modernity