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State of the Map 2022

Playlist "State of the Map 2022"

State of OSM in QGIS

Etienne Trimaille

QGIS is one of the most used Opensource GIS software with some native functionalities to work with OSM data. Either with raster layer as a basemap, or with vector, QGIS can deal with OSM data. Depending on the amount of data to work with, the need to "refresh" the data (from the main OSM database), the extent of the coverage, different plugins or technologies are possible.
This presentation will try to give an overview how it's possible to use OpenStreetMap data according to different situations (Geocoding, TMS/WMS, OverpassAPI, PostgreSQL…). The presentation will show how you can contribute to QuickOSM to add some default « mappreset » to QuickOSM on GitHub.