Linking OpenStreetMap and Wikidata: Case study of Taiwan's villages and rivers dataset

Dennis Raylin Chen

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Open data is a trend in Taiwan, and some community members of OpenStreetMap or Wikidata are importing or merging information they obtain from government sources into the corresponding OpenStreetMap and Wikidata Database. The village dataset is available by sharp file and detains metadata with reference numbers, and the river dataset covered big rivers in Taiwan. In this talk, I will talk about the process of importing data, maintaining data, and linking each data not only with the government source but also to OpenStreetMap and Wikidata.

I will not only talk about dealing with the village and river datasets but also with other import project in Taiwan, like Taichung address dataset import, schools, kindergarten, etc. And I will also have a short introduction of Taiwan community activities, both OpenStreetMap and Wikidata. Recently OpenStreetMap Taiwan got funded by Wikimedia Foundation to improve Taiwan mapping data and also Wikimedia related projects like Wikidata, Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wiki Commons, etc.