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Playlist "State of the Map 2020"

OSM data assessment in the area of Athens - Greece

Stathis G. Arapostathis

Current presentation aspires to contribute to an overall assessment of the OSM map in Athens, Greece. The OSM content is assessed in terms of completeness and precision. Various official mapping sources and ground truth data are employed in order to measure the current state of the map.

Current research aspires to contribute to the assessment of the OSM map in Athens, Greece in terms of completeness and precision. The researcher chose Athens as, according to international published research regarding the phenomenon of Volunteered Geographic Information, it is initially assumed that it will have the maximum quality level, as Athens is the most populated city of the country.

The analysis includes mainly quantitative evaluation methods. To the level that access to editable - data is feasible, various GIS techniques are employed while in other cases the assessment is performed through samples in various regions of the municipality.

While evaluating, all the known properties and characteristics of Volunteered Geographic Information are considered. Eventually, a short discussion related to similarities and differencies from other published OSM assessments in other countries, completes this short initial presentation.

Apart from official mapping sources, ground truth data, collected through the use of in-car GPS devices, in certain areas of the city, are providing valuable insights regarding the level of quality.

The research focuses on certain geographic entities, including the geometry of the road network, the street naming and addressing, various administrative units, some building footprints, parks and POIs.