Freedom from the web's monopolies

A better architecture for the web, beneficial to both developers and users.

Jan-Christoph Borchardt

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The web is not as open as it used to be: monopoly platforms formed new proprietary layers on top of it. Apps always have storage attached to it, forming a package deal of »you get our app, we get your data«.

The web's infrastructure has to be re-decentralized by separating web application logic from per-user data storage: Users should be able to use web services they love but keep their life stored in one place they control. At the same time, application developers shouldn't need to bother about providing data storage.

And unfortunately, freedom on the web is not achieved by freely licensed web applications, because they still run on servers you can't control. That's why applications should be pure Javascript which runs client-side, all in the browser. It doesn't matter if free or proprietary – everything can be inspected and verified.