P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival

Michel Bauwens

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What kind of cyber-physical infrastructure can insure that producing for human need can stay within planetary boundaries?

This is based on the recent P2P Foundation report, 'P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival', which you can find here: http://commonstransition.org/p2p-accounting-for-planetary-survival/

Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economy proposes an economy that can navigate below an ecological roof, that preserves planetary boundaries, and a social basement, which insures the basic needs of humanity. In our study we looked at three inter-related emergences of shared accounting and distributed ledgers (contributory, flow, and thermodynamic), and the possibility of a 3-layered cyber-physical infrastructure that combines the best of the commons (open stigmergic collaboration), of generative markets (that integrate externalities) and orchestrated planning limits to protect resource constraints.