Tech for Sex Work


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Was the Internet really made for porn? If so, why is it so hostile towards sex workers? An introduction into what sex work is and how sex workers use what kind of technology and what problems arise with it. How are sex workers dealing with these problems and what problems aren’t solved yet. A status quo 2020.

I will start with some definition on what tech, sex, work and sex work is and then focuses on the technology sex workers use day to day for their work and the talk about specific sex work related tech obstacles and how to overcome them. Some are created by the fictional character of sex work (e.g. having different names and personas), some by legal requirements (e.g. SESTA/FOSTA or youth protection laws), some were created rather accidentally (e.g. spam filters not accepting e-mails from domains containing “sex”) and some are created out of stigma (e.g. credit card companies not any kind of sex work in their ToS).