lernOS on Air - Spacial Chat with Workadventure

Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch, Simon Dückert and David Negrier

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During the covid 19 pandemic a lot of people have to work and join events from home. Video conferences are good for talks or workshops with small groups. But if there is a larger group and informal communication should be possible as well as serendipity events another kind of tools is necessary.

In the last month we saw a lot of spacial chat tools emerge that gives you a feeling who stands close to you and enables you to talk to them (e.g. sococo, wonder, remo). One such tool is workadventure by The Coding Machine (TCM) which is openly available on github. Workadventure is also used at the rC3 as rC3 2D World. In this podcast we talk about the history and future of Workadventure and also about its use at the rC3. We will also talk about all the issues that emerged due to the use of WA in a much larger scale than it was originally intented (~100 users/map).

Q&A will be possible via IRC (#rc3-sendezentrum on hackint) and telephone dial-in.