How to add Critical Thinking to your Making


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Technology has become ubiquitous, and the negative societal effects are showing. One way to address this and to create sustainable futures is by learning from interdisciplinary techniques of responsible innovation by critical makers and other grassroots innovation communities. This is what Critical Making is about.

Through supporting grassroots innovators and accompanying research, with the EU Horizon 2020 supported "Critical Making" project, we add scientific insights into the potential of the maker movement. We focus on critical and socially responsible making, and show how a new understanding of global maker communities can offer opportunities to contribute to an open and sustainable society.

At 35C3, Regina Sipos and Saad Chinoy introduced and explored the critical making movement as a broad, global yet hyper-locally relevant phenomenon. Now, we want to follow up with showing some first results of the new research project and to invite you to join the activities.


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