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Utopian hackers group therapy – Learning to retain hope and work towards a brighter future

Neiman clx dakoraa

We are utopian hackers and we're sad about the state of the world. In this not so serious group therapy session we wish to discuss with you – the attendees – what makes us sad, what we all can do to retain hope and enjoy laughter in this dire situation.
The therapy session is attended by the author of time traveling extravaganza Ulterior Flux cylixe, the founder of blockchain based social movements Almonit and Esteroids Naiman, and author of ferrum.js and cryptography engineer dakoraa

As sad news about the world mount, it is easy to lose hope. What can a lone person do? Plenty; also, you are not alone! Saying this is easy but feeling it is hard, so we want to come together to celebrate what has been accomplished, share about our fears but also about the things that make us optimistic. It may all be doom and gloom, but there's no reason not to have a laugh about it!

Finally, all of us are going to share our vision of what the future looks like if everything goes great from now on.

But first we need to make sure everyone is in the right mood, so here is something that should make everyone feel great: Take home assignments! We would like you to bring:

1. Good news
2. one thing that — surprisingly — didn't end the world
3. A good reason for traveling to the year 2107 for your sabbatical.

And if you can't muster the energy to bring any of these, that's OK too! Sometimes life is hard. The utopia group therapy session is still here for you and supports you!