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What is Algorave?

Alexandra Cardenas @crcdng

In this talk, we will discover what an Algorave is, its origins, the community behind it, and our ideas of where this movement might be going. You will gain insight into the live coding community and its most beloved party. How to make people dance with algorithms? How to create algorithmic and generative dance music live? How is this practice opening new spaces to create music and visuals? Algorave is an inclusive, diverse, self-organized community that thrives in creating safe spaces worldwide and has grown together on the Internet.

Algoraves focus on humans making and dancing to music. Algorave musicians don’t pretend their software is being creative; they take responsibility for the music they make, shaping it using whatever means they have. Algoraves embrace the alien sounds of raves from the past and introduce futuristic rhythms and beats made through strange, algorithm-aided processes. It’s up to the good people on the dancefloor to help the musicians make sense of this and do the actual creative work in creating a great party.

There will also be an AlgoVR concert session later that day.