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Playlist "Push to Talk"

Connection, Resistance and Autonomy in Peripheral Communities

Debora Leal and Javi

In the midst of technical, economic, political and sociological struggles, many communities in Latin America have been marginalized by major telephone operators due to high infrastructure costs and low profit margins. Most are still relying on exorbitant landline and satellite services. Despite the ideals of freedom, collaboration, shared knowledge and more equitable distribution of power that are at the mythical origin of the Internet, it has become clear that we are living within a context of concentration of power over the network infrastructure.
In this session, we will talk about three Latin American community internet/intranet networks that appear simultaneously as the subversion of this process of concentration and as the resumption of ideals of freedom in the network.

The three examples of community infrastructure are governed locally by and for the community, reviving the possibility of relationships based on trust and solidarity. We will show how the development of three very distinct community networks occurred - one located in the Amazon rainforest state of Pará (Brazil), called co-NecteBV, Telecomunicaciones Indigenas Comunitaria (TIC) located in 17 communities in Oaxaca (Mexico) and ABRADIG that promote the implementation of Digital Radio in Brazil.
In this presentation, we hope to bring information about the history of the community network deployment and the challenges that we all face.
15 mins - talk about co-NecteBV (Debora and Elaine)
2-5 mins - live tour in Acara co-NecteBV
15 mins - talk about TIC (Javi)
2-5 mins - live tour in Oaxaca
15 mins - talk about implementation of Digital Radio in Brazil (Anya Orlova)
20 mins for questions and conversation

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