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Playlist "OsmoCon 2017"

Showcase: Running a commercial cellular network with OsmoBTS/OsmoPCU/OsmoBSC & co

Roch-Alexandre Nominé

This talk will cover how On-Waves has been introducing Osmocom software into the operation of their commercial, roaming cellular
network. As an early adopter, On-Waves has around OpenBSC since 2010. Basically from day one, On-Waves has not been a passive consumer of
Osmocom software, but always been very active in their support of funding open source development in and around OpenBSC. Their
requirements are the reason many of the Osmocom programs (osmo-bsc, osmo-bsc_nat, osmo-gb_proxy, etc.) have been created, growing and
extending the family of Osmocom network elements. In this talk, we will learn what is possible in terms of production deployments, and
how a successful relationship between an "open source aware" operator and the community can look like.