Silvan Mosberger

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For [almost 20 years now](, adding a new package to Nixpkgs required editing the `all-packages.nix` file, which grew to over 40000 barely-sorted lines this year. In addition, an appropriate place for your package definition had to be found in the loosely-categorised `pkgs` hierarchy. Especially with the recent growth of Nix, this has been a frequent cause of confusion for new contributors.

However, in the months leading up to NixCon, this is all changing with the acceptance of [RFC 140](, originally designed by the new [Nixpkgs Architecture Team]( This proposal allows most new packages to be added by simply creating a new directory in the right place with a name matching the desired attribute name.

In this talk I will go over the new package contribution process, along with its limitations, historical context, interesting implementation details and future work.