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Playlist "miniLAC 16"

The Public Domain Project - Building a long term music archive with open source and crowd sourcing


The volunteer driven [ Public Domain Project] goals are to collect, digitize and make freely available audio records which in the public domain (no copyrights on it anymore). Our project is comparable to what the Gutenberg Project is doing for books or the IMSLP is doing for scores. For creative people our project makes available a great source of music to inspire you and you are free to use this music in every-way. Such a project has very different requirements on the software and formats used than for example a music studio. But because of the underlying core values of FOSS several projects are of great help for our work and will help us to minimize the risk of technological obsolescence. I will present our project, what and how we are doing, the free software we are using (and the few gaps) and what will come in the next time (as 2016 will be a great step forward).