Linux Live on Stage - SuperBoucle, Carla, Faust & LV2 Plugins


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In this workshop we want to show you a complete and fully functional Live Setup for the stage. "Live" means, you can musically interact with the music (by arranging and mixing the tracks on-the-fly) using only midi controllers. It is based on SuperBoucle (for arrangements), Carla (for mixing), a bunch of self-made Faust plugins and applications (Beat Repeater, Cut Sequencer) and a lot of other well-known Linux Audio Software (Yoshimi, SooperLooper, Calf Plugins, etc...) First we want to show and explain the brand new SuperBoucle and the new features we added, then we'll go on Carla and the Faust applications needed for a perfect live mixing environment. This workshop aims also to be an open and interactive discussion about how to use Linux on the stage, so every ideas (dicussions, tests, coding, install-party...) are welcome! Teaser: