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Playlist "Linuxtag 2011"

The Calligra Suite, an Overview

Dan Leinir Thurthra Jensen (KO GmbH)

The Calligra Suite /"Calligra") is an integrated suite of office and graphics applications that is more comprehensive than either or LibreOffice. The Calligra Suite is built on Qt and KDE technologies and is very lightweight and at the same time very flexible. Due to these reasons, Calligra has quickly become the leading free office suite on mobile platforms such as Maemo and MeeGo.
The architecture of the suite features the unique Calligra Office Engine. On top of this engine can be created any user interface. Such a user interface can be extensive, like the Calligra Desktop office Ui or more limited and simple such as the Calligra Mobile application which runs on Maemo and MeeGo. Calligra Mobile was previously known as FreOffice.
The desktop version of the Calligra Suite consists of the following applications: - Words: a word processor - Tables: a spreadsheet application - Stage: a presentation program - Flow: a diagram application in the style of Visio or Dia - Kexi: a desktop database framework in the style of MS Access - Plan: a project management application - Karbon: A vector graphics application - Krita: a paint application - Braindump: a note taking application that uses the full power of the open document format.
The user interface uses a flexible system of dock windows instead of extensive sets of toolbars. This makes it suitable for today's wide screens and allows for maximum exposure of the document.
This talk will present the architecture of the Calligra in detail and: - How to use Calligra applications on the desktop, on netbooks, on tablets and on mobile devices - How to extend Calligra applications with new so called Shapes and other extensions - How to use the Calligra applications and/or the Calligra Office Engine in your own applications.
We will also demonstrate a number of different user interfaces adapted for various form factors and input devices.