Keynote: Google and Open Source

Chris DiBona (Google)

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Nearly all of the much acclaimed Google innovation efforts include Open Source components, namely Android, GWT, Chrome, Wave and Google APIs. Programs like the Summer of code emphasize the relationsship between the company and the community. Google has released well over 15 million lines of code to over 500 projects, and hosts many more on its platform. In his keynote adress, Chris will outline Google's Open Source strategy and talks about the ties between the corporation and community. Additionally, he will spend a bit of time on the implications of WebM, Google's recently released codec.

Über den Autor Chris DiBona: Chris DiBona is the open source and public sector programs manager at Mountain View, Ca. based Google. His team oversees license compliance and supports the open source developer community through programs such as the Google Summer of Code and through the release of open source software projects and patches. In the public sector space, he looks after Google Moderator, the polling locations API. Additionally, he is on the board of Our Good Works, a non-profit that looks after the volunteer matching website Mr. DiBona is an internationally known advocate of open source software and related methodologies. He occasionally appears on the This Week in Tech and Cranky Geeks podcasts. He is a visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management and has a masters in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally, he serves on the advisory board of imeem, a San Francisco, Ca. based social networking firm.