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Koloniales Erbe

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Legal interventions against transnational corporations and against social and economic injustice – the ambivalences of human rights

Kranti LC, Williams Chima and Carolijn Terwindt

Transnational corporations are still able to evade their responsibility for human rights violations and for environmental destruction through mining, infrastructure projects and oil production either by outsourcing production sites or along the supply chains. The people in the areas affected are often unable to defend themselves against what is in some cases extensive damage to their health or deprivation of their livelihood. Workers often cannot assert their rights, either in their home country or at the headquarters of the transnational corporations. What legal interventions within transnational networks are possible here?


Kranti LC (Lawyer
Human Rights Law Network

Williams Chima (Lawyer
Environmental Rights Action

Moderation: Carolijn Terwindt (Lawyer