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Playlist "Intergalaktische Erfahrungsreise 2022"

How to make the Internet faster

Tamara Schmitz

How do you make applications, websites and networks faster? What efforts and projects have been developed? Let's talk about what network speed is (psst it's not just bandwidth and latency).


"The internet is so slow today!" Often it is hard to explain why users feel this way. But in this talk I try to cover a few aspects of what makes internet applications feel slow: the networks and the applications.

Consumer networks suck. They are complex and contain a lot of bad hardware. From slow uplinks and shared mediums to cheap networking gear, there are plentyful things that can make applications slow. What are bufferbloat, dropped packages and etc. and how do they influence TCP?

How can you improve my servers and applications to compensate for this? It's actually not that hard when you write a new application. And if you are hosting, you can tune your OS too.