On The Look-Out For Your Data

Markus Holtermann

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Do you have data in the database of your Django project? Do you want to find that the needle in the haystack of your data? There are plenty options how you can achieve that. With various levels of complexity, confidence, and reliability. I'll give an insight into what the most common are nowadays.

You're tasked with building a search for the project you're working on. But where do you start? What search implementation are you going to use? There's a sheer unlimited set of ways to implement "I'm looking for X in Y" out there. Elasticsearch, LIKE and ILIKE queries, MySQL's Fulltext Search, PostgreSQL's Fulltext Search, Solr, Whoosh, Xapian, to only name a few. I'll be looking at the most common ones and will be showing some basic implementation techniques.

You should be familiar with Django in so much as that I'm not talking about how to create or update an object in a database. You should also have an idea of what database transactions are. The talk will feature some code snippets that I will provide in full, afterward.