SpeedPitch & ShadowPlay: Two open source mobile-device apps for bicycles

Dan Wilcox

Playlists: 'gpn22' videos starting here / audio

This artist talk presents two mobile-device art applications developed for use with bicycles in the summer of 2021:

SpeedPitch is a simple augmented sonic reality experiment that alters music playback speed based on your actual GPS ground speed. The faster you go, the higher the pitch and sudden stops lead to dragging audio samples. Natural motion leads to unnatural sound.

ShadowPlay is an exploration of the architecture and light in outdoor spaces through sound. Using a bicycle-mounted smartphone as a brightness sensor and a bluetooth speaker, the mottled patterns of light and shadow become the musical score as one rides along city streets.

SpeedPitch was developed through the support of BBK Karlsruhe and ShadowPlay was supported through the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe as well as through the City of Karlsruhe.