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The LCH, CMS and the future of high energy Physics (and why we would like your help)

Alexander (Nabla) Becker

With the LHC having begun Run 3 and the High-Luminosity upgrades of the accelerator and it’s experiments well underway, it is as important as ever to try and convey the passion and motivation behind this massive endeavour. This talk will try to convey the what, why and how of the hunt for the unknowns of the Universal machinery to the uninitiated. It will try to give an overview of the basics of the (little?) we know and what is still out there and then give a guided tour through this truly magnificent effort focusing on the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector. It will finish by telling a few stories from the front line of trying to build one of the most ambitious (Sub)Detectors in the history of the LHC for the High luminosity upgrade of the CMS detector.

The abstract may sound daunting, but rest assured, that is the case for everyone at some point. In this talk I’d like to share the principles and functioning of one of the most complex machines I know of in a way that makes sense. I have had the privilege of working at CERN on the HGCAL subdetector of CMS and was able to gather first hand experience of the many different challenges of building this one of a kind machine that at the end of the day is nothing more than a terribly overengineered photo camera. I hope that I can share my motivation and passion with you and get you stoked for all of what is still to come.