Breaking things with emoji 💥


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Are you the kind of person who, when given a personalized link with some number in it, will always try out different numbers to see if things are secured?
Do you enjoy exposing security mishaps and edge cases that weren’t thought off by developers, not for profit but for the simple fun of it?
If that describes you, I’ve got another thing you could try to feed your curiosity: putting emoji where they don’t belong.
It‘s gonna break more stuff than you’d think.🏳️‍⚧️

In early 2021, I started experimenting with emoji domains: something that wasn’t really intended and is a consequence of a way to include non Roman letters in domain names.

It was pretty broken and just fun to do.
The fact that not much software seems to handle emoji domains properly motivated me to try putting regular emoji in spaces where they don’t belong.
The results were pretty funny, if you share my screwed up sense of humor.

In this talk I want to share some of my "findings", adding to the things I already spoke about [at last year’s divoc](