The State of Analog Photography and how to build a bridge towards the Digital Domain

dasha and Mimoja

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Why it is still cool to expose silver halides to light and how to convert them into pixels.

Analog photography has often been claimed dead and obsolete. However, quite the opposite is the case: It has merely transformed from the mostly functional technology it used to be towards an exciting artistic playground and many people are getting into it for either the first time or again. Yet, since we live in an age where most of our media is digital, it is more important than ever to also make our pictures usable in a digital form, which is not as straightforward as one might think, but instead introduces its own perils to the process.
This talk wants to give a brief overview of the market situation in 2022 and show how the digitization process can be done. Solutions using present technology as well as the restoration of vintage scanners will be discussed.