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Playlist "Computational Narratives - Philosophical perspectives on Jupyter Notebook"

Computational Narratives - Philosophical perspectives on Jupyter Notebook

Max Roßmann

The "fiction view on models" compares scientific modeling with authorized role-play games (Frigg 2010). As narratives are the entrance, it now becomes clear why coding and tabletop (e.g. D&D) somehow belong together...

"Computers are good at consuming, producing and processing data. Humans, on the other hand, process the world through narratives. Thus, in order for data, and the computations that process and visualize that data, to be useful for humans, they must be embedded into a narrative - a computational narrative - that tells a story for a particular audience and context.
- First, a single computational narrative needs to span a wide range of contexts and audiences.
- Second, these computational narratives need to be reproducible.
- Third, computational narratives are created in collaboration.“ (Perez and Granger 2015,

Questbook: Beginning-Middle-End, Narrative Framing, Narrative Self-Constituion, Narrative Immersion, Representation

Adventurers Group: Aristotle, MacIntyre, Walton, Frigg, Salis, Minsc & Boo and some others...

In general, I am very interested in further discussion about your practical experience and thoughts on this!