[SPONSOR] How Bluethooth was pushed to handle highly responsive multi client device systems

Horst Kautschitz

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VusionGroup alias SES-Imagotag is one of the technology leaders for electronic shelf labels (ESL). In 2020, the decision was made to innovate ESL technology by using open standards such as Bluetooth. Already at the starting point it was not clear how one BLE-controller would be apply to drive 7k of end devices in an effective and high responsive way. The goal was achieved after 3 years of development work and changes were pushed to Bluetooth V5.4 Core specification and ESL profile release. A rough overview of how Bluetooth SIG works, how multi-device support found its way into the Bluetooth Core Spec, the technical aspects and finally why BLE chip vendors were forced with a completely new situation for their chips and why this forms a base for full IOT environments.