Observability Driven Automation

Beyond GitOps with Keptn

Thomas Schuetz

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This talk shows how to enhance GitOps by putting observability and Service Level Objectives in the center of the deployment process, based on CNCF projects like Argo and Keptn.

GitOps has arrived and shapes today’s way of delivering applications on cloud-native systems. Although GitOps controllers maintain the technical state of an application, there are additional – not necessarily technical – things to consider when deploying applications. For instance, we might want to know if we have already consumed our error budgets before deploying a new service version and make this step a conscious decision. Additionally, we want to ensure that the response time of our service is as expected (and agreed with the customer) before shifting the traffic to a new service version in blue/green or canary deployments.

This session starts with a concise overview of GitOps, the problems it solves, and other things to consider when deploying enterprise-grade applications using GitOps. After this talk, you will know how you can put observability at the center of your deployment process and how this works based on an example with ArgoCD and Keptn.