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Playlist "FrOSCon 2022"

Geo-redundant Failover with MARS, Now and in Future

Thomas Schöbel-Theuer

The Ahrtal flood disaster and a war in Europe will obviously increase requirements on geo-redundancy. OpenSource via MARS can help.

Experiences from 1&1 IONOS datacenters running millions of customers and petabytes of data will inform you on current state and on future trends.

This talk will discuss more possibilties for datacenters, how geo-redundancy can be built and operated, and in long term.

The Linux kernel module MARS is now replicating more than 10 petabytes over long distances, running on thousands of servers. A future version shall be able to replace iSCSI inside of any geo-redundant datacenter, providing location transparency of /dev/mars/mydata by local handover while the virtual device can stay mounted, in addition to geo-redundant long-distance handover and failover.