Deploying servers in an Application Centric Way


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Traditionally, individual servers are provisioned with Foreman/ Katello and they can be configured with Ansible, Puppet and Salt which is a host centric deployment. However, a modern application typically consists of multiple services running on different servers but connected to each other. The new plugin Foreman_acd defines application centric deployment and describes an approach to provision and configure hosts to run an application which requires predefined set of services.

This presentation compares host centric and application centric deployment, talks about how you can seamlessly deploy the application with only few clicks, a user friendly approach to utilize your ansible playbooks directly from Github or Gitlab, import/export your application services and configurations rather than creating it in systems from scratch, and how you can vertically and/or horizontally scale up your application fast.

The plugin Foreman_acd is a recently released open source Foreman plugin to deploy your applications containing multiple services and interconnected servers with only few clicks.