God does not play dice!

an introduction to quantum cryptography for sysadmins and curious

Uli Kleemann

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a fantastic journey into the world of the smallest particles and its use to implement a tap-proof connection

Only the content counts - the substance is irrelevant. (Is teleportation possible?)
"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.
journey into the unimaginable world of the quantum)
The Heisenberg uncertainty principle (Who measures manure even if he measures manure.)
Niels Bohr's atomic model (The world as we thought we knew it)
And now please turn off your mind! Unbelievable statements about the world of
Does teleportation also transfer information? The phenomenon of
Quantum entanglement
Flying optical cats (The thought experiment after Erwin Schrödinger)
The Double-Slit Experiment
Turn One into Two The fantastic properties of the Qbits change of state by
The tunnel effect
Einstein was wrong! The wave theory of light
Quantum cryptography what is it?
The Shor Algorithm
entangled states
The quantum Fourier transform
The BB84 protocol for tap-proof key exchange
Polarization and Spin
The key exchange with Qbits and why it is practically impossible to eavesdrop
Problems with data transmission and possible solutions
About quantum computers and their significance for cryptography Myths and reality
Are quantum computers always this fast?
A look into the future Post-quantum cryptography - where is the journey going?