Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Dashboard

Introduction / Overview and Demo

Lenz Grimmer

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The Ceph Dashboard is a web-based application that aims for providing a built-in and easy to use graphical user interface for performing a wide range of administrative tasks on a Ceph cluster. In this presentation, Lenz will give an introduction and overview to the Dashboard, its architecture and current functionality as well as an outlook into ongoing development and future plans. The dashboard's various elements and components will also be shown in the form of a live demo.

Starting with the "Mimic" release, the Ceph distributed storage project ships with a new web-based management and monitoring tool out of the box: the Ceph Dashboard gives Ceph Administrators an easy to use interface to manage and monitor various aspects of their cluster without having to use the CLI or any third-party utilities.

It is based on the original (read-only) Ceph Dashboard as well as the concepts and architecture of the standalone open source Ceph management framework openATTIC. The development of this new component is driven and coordinated by the openATTIC team at SUSE as well as engineers from Red Hat and other members of the Ceph community.

Features include monitoring the cluster health status, managing OSDs, Pools, Ceph block devices (RBDs) and the Object Gateway (RGW). Detailed performance graphs for each component and service are provided by embedding Grafana Dashboards into the Ceph Manager Dashboard UI.

The web application is developed using the Angular web development framework; the backend code is implemented as a Ceph Manager Module based on Python and the CherryPy framework.