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Playlist "FrOSCon 2012"

Building a robust embedded Linux platform

Thilo Fromm

Platform technology: "... is a term for technology that enables the creation of products and processes that support present or future development." [1]

This talk will present obvious and non-obvious challenges for an Embedded Linux project and provide mechanisms and strategies to counter these. Obvious issues include how to maintain system robustness e.g. upon power failure during a partially written upgrade, or how to scale down a system to fit a small memory footprint. Non-obvious issues include how to kick-start third party development by providing SDKs and a rich lib and app environment on your devices, or making it easy to integrate new apps and features. In the talk we will present on how to tackle these by leveraging the raw power of OpenEmbedded.

These issues and the concepts solving them will be presented by means of a real life example - the HidaV platform project.