Developer's Diary: The WINE project

Wolfram Sang

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Pursuing my personal quest "1000 projects to send patches to before I die", I also approached the WINE-project. WINE aims to provide a software-layer which runs Windows-binaries directly on a Linux/BSD-system. This means no less than reimplementing the Windows-APIs as free software! Having this goal, WINE development is special for a number of legal, technical and collaborational reasons. In other words: it is highly challenging. This talk explains how I got in touch with the workflow, how I dealt with its peculiarities and why they are needed. I will not talk much about using the program or about its APIs, but more about its creation process. Using a concrete bugfix as an example, you can have an introduction into WINE-development, learn how to get connected (and if you want that), and have a glimpse how this large-scale free software project is working.