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Hacking Gender: Transition A La Carte

Ryan Castellucci

What, exactly, does a gender transition involve?

Over time, it has increasingly become the case that there is no simple answer. The degree to which people can now pick and choose what they want in terms of (de)masculinizing and (de)feminizing effects/procedures is astonishing - even to many transgender people and medical professionals providing them care. Much of this customization is especially attractive to non-binary (neither strictly male nor female) individuals.

From simply unbundling things that have historically been considered package deals to experimental surgeries and outright biohacking... come learn about the gender transition "secret menu", compared and contrasted with the traditional options.

This talk will cover the following topics:

Social transition (briefly), including presentation, pronouns and name changes.

Medical transition, including hormone replacement therapy, surgeries and specialized drug regimens.